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Help make this Pride financially accessible to all!

We recognize that Pride Festivals can feel like, just a bunch of vendors, a few stages and a beer...but in reality it is much more like a safe space, a weekend of authenticity of self, recognition that you are not alone, community, suicide prevention.  No matter the anti-LGBTQAI+ legislation, we still exist. 


For the teenager that can't ask their parent for $20 to go to Pride...we promise no entry fee for those under 18. 


For everyone else we are doing our best to keep costs low.  Your donation and sponsorship makes that more of a reality.  A stage still costs, and porta-potties have to happen according to the health department regulations and our own sanity.  Help us, help our community.  Donate or sponsor now! Be the yarn that holds us together and makes us stronger with your financial commitment.  

Our 501c3 financial sponsor is the ICCJ.  Your donation to them with a memo to SLCPRIDE is a donation to us!



Colorful yarn

Come here often?  You look like a sponsor to us...
If you are interested,please email Roberto Lopez (he/they) 

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