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Foster a vibrant and inclusive celebration of Queer community and its diversity,

where visibility, belonging, support and equity are at the heart.

Showcase the rich and complicated tapestry of what it means to be Queer, here.

 Amplify the voices and experiences of our community, through an intentionally

created atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and celebration.


A community where

  • ALL Queer people, their chosen relationships and families are thriving! 

  • Leading an authentic life is respected and valued. 

  • Joy and empathy are commonplace.  

  • People uplift, celebrate and support individuals and communities that are similar and different than them.

SLC Pride will do everything to reach these goals:

  • center marginalized voices and spaces

  • provide and create space to help build Queer community

  • be financially sustainable and transparent

  • be environmentally sustainable in all that we can control

  • be physically accessible, meeting, if not, exceeding ADA requirements

  • be transparent about who is in leadership and who we are partnering with

  • be focused on our own local-local community artists, performers, organizations, activists and politicians

  • maximize our safety and minimize our past/reoccurring trauma in all ways we control

  • allow all who are 0-18 in for free

  • ask the smallest dollar amount possible for 19+ amazing years of age 

  • partner with likeminded groups and people so that we ALL feel the PRIDE

  • do everything we can to allow you to feel love of yourself, love of your community, love of your relationships...if only for a weekend

Meet The Committee

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