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We are committed to creating an
inclusive and accessible festival environment for all attendees.


We are striving to provide an event that

is welcoming, accommodating, and supportive of diverse accessibility needs.

We know accessibility is a work in progress and are open to all feedback
on ways we can improve.

For additional questions or needs,

please email
We would be happy to assist you!

Accessible Stages

We will have ADA accessible zones at the front of each of our stages and will provide chairs to those who may need them.

Accessible Restrooms

We will have 5 ADA accessible portable bathrooms available. West of the South performance stage on  West of the North  performance stage.

Neurodivergent space

We have an indoor space designated for those who may be experiencing sensory overload, where you will find varying ways to help manage it.  This includes noise canceling headphones, rocking chairs and hammocks, soft places to lay down, quiet activities and sensory items. 

ASL Interpreters

We will have ASL Interpreters at each of our performance stages and at our panel stage.  We will also have an interpreter at our info booth.

Designated Drop off and parking

ADA designated drop off area will be on 500 W 100 S follow signs to the main entrance. 
ADA accessible parking stalls available in the Gateway mall parking.

Additional Accessibility Elements

We have assessed the space with people of varying levels of disabilities to ensure there are ramps placed strategically, that signage is easy to see and read, there is shade throughout the festival and extra lighting where needed in the evening hours. We will have masks available at the gates.  Check with our ADA/First Aid tent for any items that you may need during the festival.

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